Sunday, January 22, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Ever since I can remember, my mom would be crocheting a blanket or painting something fun and my dad would be working on a quilt made out of his old work jeans. I remember those days fondly and will never forget them. When I was little my mom and dad would have my brother and I working on projects for the Ellis County Fair every summer. I believe that I still hold the record for the most blue ribbons in one year at the fair...with like, 103 or something like that.

So like my parents, I too love to do crafty projects and try new recipes. Since meeting my husband and buying our first home,  my love for craft projects has come alive even more then it was already! I love decorating our house in a farm house theme with his love of John Deere Tractors and mine of Sunflowers, our kitchen is a cozy place to cook and share meals.

Our wedding was super fun for me as well. I wanted to go with mason jars, pumpkins, bales of hay, burlap, wood peices and all sorts of cool fall decorations (I will post more about that later).

So I have started a blog about all of the cool ideas that I have done to what I would like to try. So come along with me and enjoy this crafty journey and this "momement in time" with me...

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